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Cool country. Spud country. For a tiny town, Trentham packs a punch. Not just what it is famous for – but for its lesser known gems too.

A quaint village retaining many historical buildings and a charming streetscape also boasts drop-dead pretty botanical gardens and shady tree-lined streets (not to mention the main street has even featured in several movies, but Trentham is too modest to boast of such things).

Situated half way between Woodend and Daylesford and located high on the Great Dividing Range, Trentham’s soil is fabulous for growing some of the country’s best spuds along with a veritable cornucopia of seasonal produce. From chestnuts and cherries, to heirloom fruits and olives, there isn’t much that won’t flourish in this rich volcanic dirt.


It is therefore unsurprising that whilst the picturesque main street is not large, it boasts some of Central Victoria’s most exciting foodie destinations. From award-winning French farmhouse restaurants, to bakeries turning out award-winning sourdough breads. You can wander the street and enjoy cuisine from casual to elegant, in front of open fires in winter or under a canopy of trees in a magnificent beer garden in the warmer months. Come in Winter and you might just be lucky enough to be here when the marvellous truffle season fleetingly appears and go scouting the truffière for these magical underground treasures.

To work up an appetite, or work off the previous days indulgences, a trip would not be complete without a visit to Trentham Falls, Victoria’s highest single-drop waterfall. Truly spectacular when in full flight, you can find yourself wandering paths through beautiful old trees, enjoying a picnic with the crescendo of water in your ears or simply enjoy the sounds of native wildlife. If you’re up for a more energetic adventure, the region boasts some of the best forest tracks that can be enjoyed on foot, on bike or even horseback. One of our favourites is the picturesque walk from Trentham that ends at the Radio Springs Hotel in nearby Lyonville. An icy cold lager or savoury local shiraz is just the thing to reward such exertion.

Trentham is a lovely country village filled with character, interesting stores, cute cottages, gorgeous gardens and superb accommodation.  It is the perfect place to linger and unwind.

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TriciaTrentham expert for 6 years

I have lived locally for two and a half years and love the spacious, pretty little village. Trentham Falls is worth a visit and very pretty. Shopping locally you can find lots of treasure including at Jargon where they sell hats.

Trentham Visitor Information Centre
  • Victoria St
  • 1800 454 891
  • Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm
  • Closed Christmas Day

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